Volume 11, Issue 1
January 2020


Our monthly newsletter addresses consumer insurance topics as well as timely information on issues affecting senior citizens in Louisiana.


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Choosing an Agent

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has tips for those who are beginning the new year searching for an insurance agent. Whether you’re looking for your first agent or thinking about switching, it’s a good idea to have several choices. When evaluating your options, consider these things:

Licensing. Make sure the agent and insurance company are licensed in your state.

Credentials. Many agents and brokers will have letters behind their names on their business cards. These represent designations or credentials they have earned from various insurance groups or associations.

Complaints. While you’re checking whether the agent and the company are licensed, also check to see if they’ve had complaints filed against them.

Evaluate your needs and the options to make sure you are getting the proper coverage best suited to your situation. If you have questions about the quote or coverage you need, speak with your agent. For more information or to search for an agent, click here.

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Get the Best Policy and Price

While reviewing your insurance policies, take a second look at your coverage. Are your policies best suited to your situation? It’s a good idea to shop your insurance rates. The department’s online system can help you compare automobile and homeowners insurance rates among companies. Keep in mind, the guides are not intended to provide an exact estimate of your cost of insurance, but rather to demonstrate the importance of shopping around for the best policy for you.

Medicare green roadsign

Your Path to Medicare


If you’re turning 65, it’s time to prepare to enroll in Medicare. Here are answers to some questions you may have.

How do I enroll in Medicare? Is it automatic when I turn 65?

Contact Social Security directly before your 65th birthday to avoid a lapse in health coverage. Early retirees receiving Social Security and those with Social Security disability or Railroad Retirement benefits are automatically enrolled in Medicare upon eligibility.


When do I have to enroll?

The initial enrollment period is a 7-month window around your 65th birthday. After that, you can still enroll, but you may have to wait for a designated period.  

What if I’m still working and have insurance? Do I need to enroll at age 65?

If you are working past age 65 and have insurance from your job, or your spouse’s job, you should contact your plan and review how your coverage will change first.

What does Medicare cover?

It covers a wide range of medically necessary screenings, supplies and procedures.

Our Senior Health staff can help you understand your Medicare options. Call us at 1-800-259-5300.


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