Volume 12, Issue 6
June 2021


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Weathering the Storm

The month of June brings sunny skies, sizzling temperatures, and the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Recent flooding from heavy rain is a reminder to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage ahead of severe weather. Here is what you can do now to protect your home and property before a storm threatens Louisiana.

Review your policies. Read over your homeowners insurance policy paying special attention to your hurricane deductible. Check your auto insurance policy for comprehensive coverage in the event your vehicle is flooded. Speak with an agent or insurance company about purchasing a flood insurance policy.

Update your home inventory. You can use your phone to photograph or video the contents of your home or you can make a list using pen and paper. Download the NAIC Home Inventory app to get started. Click here to watch a video.

Save copies of documents. Keep all important documents such as insurance policies, passports and birth certificates in a safe place. Always keep a copy of your agent or insurance company’s contact information.

Check for potential hazards. Pick up or secure any items that may become projectiles in high winds, cut down hanging limbs and secure loose roof shingles.



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FAQs: Severe Weather

Can I buy flood insurance if my property has flooded in the past?

Yes, you can buy flood insurance even if your home has been flooded before. However, there may be a 30-day delay before the coverage becomes active. See your insurance agent for details.


Is tornado damage covered by my homeowners insurance policy?

Unlike flood damage, tornado damage is covered under the typical homeowners insurance policy. Tornadoes generally cause wind damage. If a roof is blown off and a home's contents are destroyed by rain, that is covered by standard policies.


Why should I have a home inventory list?

A home inventory provides a comprehensive look at your possessions and can help make the process of filing a claim go smoother. It can also provide you with a good idea of how much insurance coverage you need.


How soon does the insurance company have to pay me the money it owes me for the repairs to my property?

Sometimes you will receive a check quickly. However, an insurance company has up to 30 days to pay your claim after you provide a satisfactory proof of loss.


If I am not satisfied with the service that my insurance company has given me, how do I file a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Insurance?

You can file a complaint with the LDI online at ldi.la.gov/fileacomplaint or call us at 800-259-5300.



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Protecting Your Health in an Emergency

The Louisiana Department of Insurance advises policyholders to review their health coverage this hurricane season. It’s the best way to make sure you get the care and coverage you need before, during and after a storm. Here are a few steps to get you started.

  • Identify your in-network hospital. Find out from your provider what coverage your plan provides.
  • Locate the pharmacy you are most likely to use and have its contact information on hand.
  • Keep your prescriptions in original containers and make sure they are properly stored.
  • Keep all important health related documents in a waterproof container such as copies of prescriptions, prescription cards, health insurance cards and policy information.
  • Pack a first aid kit that includes items like contact lenses, hearing aid batteries and dentures in case of an evacuation.

If you have questions regarding your Medicare benefits our senior health staff can help. Call us at 800-259-5300.

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