Volume 11, Issue 5
May 2020


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 Insurance Guidance After a Storm

Severe Spring storms can pop up at any time and we’re here to help you protect your property. Most policies require you to prevent further damage after a storm – so you may need to make temporary repairs. Keep the receipts for any repairs. The Louisiana Department of Insurance offers the following guidance for policyholders affected by storm damage.

  • If you’re a policyholder who has had storm damage, promptly contact your agent or insurance company.
  • Take pictures or videos of the damage, both to your home and the contents.
  • Make sure that your agent and insurance company have your correct contact information if you had to evacuate or are unable to receive information at your home.
  • Attempt to separate damaged personal property items from undamaged items, but do not throw them away. Keeping these items will help the claims adjuster better assist you in completing an inventory of the items lost.

If you have lost your agent or insurance company’s contact information, the Louisiana Department of Insurance may be able to help you locate it. Contact the department at call 1-800-259-5300 or visit www.ldi.la.gov.

Medicare ipad

Quick Facts: Medicare

Our Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) staff are working to keep you up to date on the latest Medicare information during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few quick facts:

  • You can file a claim for Medicare benefits online with the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can also apply for Extra Help with Prescription Drugs.
  • You can request a replacement Medicare card with the SSA.
  • During the Special Enrollment Period, you can apply for Medicare Part B, if you already have Medicare Part A.

If you have questions about your benefits, call us at 1-800-259-5300. Also, join us on online for our Facebook Live series, Leave it to Vicki.

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Don’t Become a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a person uses your personal information to commit fraud or unlawful activity. Using your Social Security number or date of birth, someone may open a new credit card or bank account in your name, and even take out a loan using your personal information. If your purse or wallet is stolen, your driver's license could easily be sold to someone who resembles you. Once a person has your driver's license it is easy to obtain other forms of identification in your name.  Your Social Security number is the most important piece of information a bank needs when extending credit or opening an account. Social Security numbers are also used to obtain medical care, file a fraudulent tax return, commit crimes or steal your Social Security benefits.

Identity theft insurance cannot protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft and does not cover direct monetary losses incurred as result of identity theft. Rather, this coverage pays for expenses related to reclaiming your financial identity, such as lost wages, attorney fees and documentation reporting. Before you buy a policy, check to see if your current homeowners policy insurer includes identity theft insurance as part of your coverage.



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