Volume 12, Issue 11
November 2021


Our monthly newsletter addresses consumer insurance topics as well as timely information on issues affecting senior citizens in Louisiana.


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Quick Facts: 2022 Open Enrollment

Louisiana families hoping to take the first step to protecting their health can begin signing up for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace. The open enrollment period is Nov. 1 to Jan. 15.  If you do not elect coverage by the deadline you must qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life change like a marriage or losing other coverage. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Review your options to decide which plan works best for you.
  • Make sure your doctor and hospitals are in a plan’s network.
  • Contact a licensed agent if you have questions or need assistance.

If you enroll in a plan by Dec. 15, your coverage will begin Jan. 1, 2022. Click here to watch a video on what to look for in a health insurance network.


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Consumer Alert

Medicare beneficiaries are urged to beware of TV commercials that promote huge Medicare savings during the open enrollment period. Their real goal might be to get you on the phone and sell you a product , even if that product is not right for you. Our LA SHIIP staff is available and offers free unbiased guidance to beneficiaries across the state. Before you make changes or switch to a new Medicare plan, ask questions, and make sure you understand the coverage that the plan provides. Also, remember to never share your personal information. Do not give out your Medicare number or Social Security number. If you have questions or are concerned you or a loved one may have been a victim of a scam, you can contact SHIIP at 1-800-259-5300 or the Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-877-272-8720, www.stopmedicarefraud.org.



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FAQs: Hurricane Ida Recovery

An adjuster still hasn’t visited my house. How long do they have to get to me?

Under the law, after a catastrophe event like Hurricane Ida, your insurer has 60 days to initiate adjustment of the claim. We’re seeing most insurers get to their policyholders much more quickly. However, it’s important to file your claim as soon as possible so that you can get in line for an adjuster to visit your property. If 60 days have passed since you filed your claim and your insurer hasn’t started working on it, file a complaint with the LDI.


 How should I prepare to meet with an adjuster?

• Make a list of all damaged or destroyed personal property. Make a list of damage to the home and other structures, like a garage, tool shed, in-ground pool or fence.

• Gather any photos or videos of your home and property before they were damaged or destroyed.

• Include receipts from when you bought the damaged or destroyed items.


How long will it take for my insurance claim to be resolved?

If there’s substantial damage involving your home and property, an insurance claim probably will not be closed with a single payment. There will be claims payments for various parts of your claims as you rebuild. Most people find it takes at least 18 to 24 months to repair/rebuild their home and replace their possessions after a major disaster. Your insurance claim will stay open until the insurer has made all payments you’re entitled to under your policy.


My car flooded during the recent storm. Is it covered by insurance?

Coverage would depend on the type of policy you have on the vehicle. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, you will more than likely be covered for damage due to flooding. Comprehensive auto insurance would also provide coverage for the damage caused by a tree falling on your vehicle. However, if you have only liability coverage or liability/collision coverage, your vehicle will not be covered for flood damage. You should check with your agent to find out what your policy covers and in what amounts.


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