June 20, 2022


Commissioner Donelon Announces Lighthouse Policy Cancellation Date Extension; Agents Now Have 60 More Days to Place Policies From Failed Insurers With Louisiana Citizens

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced Thursday that the policy cancellation date for failed insurer Lighthouse Excalibur has been extended to June 30 following the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s action to secure additional reinsurance for those policyholders through the end of this month. Lighthouse policies were originally scheduled for cancellation on June 22.

Insurance agents working to place Lighthouse Excalibur, Maison and Southern Fidelity policies now have an extra 60 days to place those policies while maintaining coverage for policyholders after cancellation. Lighthouse Excalibur and Maison policies will be canceled on June 30. Southern Fidelity policies will be canceled on July 15.

Policyholders whose insurance policy is canceled will be covered by Citizens for claims occurring between their cancellation date and the date their agent binds a new policy with Citizens if that date is no later than 60 days following the original policy’s cancellation. This extension does not affect policyholders who find a new policy with an insurer other than Citizens.

With this change, Citizens will effectively provide coverage for Lighthouse Excalibur and Maison policyholders from June 30 through August 28, and for Southern Fidelity policyholders from July 15 through September 13, as long as agents place policies with Citizens by the 60-day deadline and it is a risk that meets Citizens guidelines.

This change was made to provide more time for Louisiana insurance agents to help policyholders find coverage.

“Louisiana agents have been working tirelessly to place policyholders with insurers following the announcement that three insurers are canceling policies in the coming weeks,” said Commissioner Donelon. “This initiative by Citizens provides much-needed relief and time for agents and policyholders to get a new policy in place while maintaining coverage during hurricane season.”

About the Louisiana Department of Insurance: The Louisiana Department of Insurance works to improve competition in the state’s insurance market while assisting individuals and businesses with the information and resources they need to be informed consumers of insurance. As a regulator, the LDI enforces the laws that provide a fair and stable marketplace and makes certain that insurers comply with the laws in place to protect policyholders. You can contact the LDI by calling 1-800-259-5300 or visiting